Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Went for an earlier walk at the marina today to beat the heat. Chet did fine, but he tires at about 1.5 miles these days. Definitely an elder these days.

Will most likely head down the 395 to Oxnard, Ca when we leave Saturday. No snow in the Sierras so we can take one of the scenic routes from the east toward Yosemite. I have been wanting to do that, but the eastern passses have always been closed when I pass thru here.

Taking advantage of the good dry weather to do "nesting" in my RV.......rearrange stuff and get rid of what not needed.

What do I do here? Pretty much what I do at home................hang out, do errands, visit friends, walk, read, watch TV.................

Got a lube/oil yesterday for the RV at my local chevy dealer (don't have one in Juneau).

Received word the Dorado are biting in Loreto. Still too hot and humid there for me. But after yesterday, maybe not as hot as Los Angeles.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Having a heat wave this week in Sparks. Will be in the 90's all week. Not unusual for a 90 degree day this time of year, but a week of them is.

Printed my Absentee ballot today so I can vote in Juneau's October 5th election.

Will go to California coast Saturday for a week, then back to Sparks. Am going with brother and Chet. RV will stay here.

Drove up to South Tahoe to see Betty yesterday. Lunch at Sprouts. The lake was gorgeous.........a beautiful blue.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Had a new life experience today. The ice cream truck came down my street playing its tune and I, for first time ever, bought ice cream from an ice cream truck. :-) Have never lived in a neighborhood with such things. Makes me think of my first grade reader and the adventures shown there. Not mine. I grew up in a rural area without all those streets and sidewalks and no ice cream trucks. Wouldn't trade my childhood rural adventures for any of that.

Cleaned my RV inside and out today. The people at the car wash place recognise me now when I come by in the Fall and Spring.

Dinner out tonight. We are going to PF Chang's.

Finished reading a John Straley book and ready to read about Kathhryn Hepburn in a book titled: KATE.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guess I am not posting regularly this trip. Boogied down the road to Sparks, NV and will stay here for a while. My brother and Chet and I walked around the lake at the Marina today. It is a fun place to walk. Used by a lot of people and their dogs. There is even a dog park so the dogs can play and swim. Watched the ducks, people fishing, and kayakers too. Nice and sunny and warm, but not much warmer than the Second Summer I hear about in Juneau.

Jupiter is big and bright in the sky.

Will be heading further south next via California and Arizona

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Near Medford, OR. Double rainbow yesterday. Rain heavy at times. Morning walk with Chet. Time for coffee.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hippos at Portland Zoo awakened and walked over and into pool! Lions, crocs and goat studied us. Bears, elephants, pigs and bobcat active too. Pink sunset.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bingen, WA Huckleberry Festival. Beautiful drive down Columbia River Gorge. Excellant food and fun sightseeing in Hood River with friend. Portland now.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hood River. Colorful kite boarding and wind sailing on Columbia River. Watched couple bi-planes flying about during the weekend fly-in.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wild turkeys back in the yard today. Pecking ground and sitting on fence. I was mistaken about the hens. The group is hens and younguns.
A large black bear crossing the barnyard this morning heading for an apple tree.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

17 hen turkeys in barnyard yesterday

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Missoula, Mt. Will head to Portland, OR Friday.
Monday, September 6
The drive from Cache Creek was more like what I usually do on my driveabouts. I searched for a road that would take me to Osoyoos along a route I had never travelled. The road over the mountain thru Ashcroft was my choice. Ashcroft village is a pretty little town that sits along the banks of the Thompson River. Across the river the road climbs steeply for 9-10 miles and has several runaway chutes for the downhill traffic. I drove thru high desert similar to what I have seen in the Oregon outback. On the other side of the mountain is a huge operational copper mine. There are tours available if you ever want to go there.

Followed rivers or streams thru desert, forest, horse country, ranches and agricultural lands . As I neared Osoyoos orchards and wineries were in abundance. The produce stands were filled with apples, pears, tomatoes, corn, and cherries. I was going to be crossing the US border in half and hour so did not stop to buy food that would possibly be confiscated. Will have to check next time to see what I can take into Washington. US Customs did want to know what brand of dog food I was carrying and if it was in the original container. Since I did not have any fresh produce they passed me thru without having to do an inspection.

Saw 2 deer. A doe and this year’s fawn eating beside the road.

Continued on to Spokane, WA via Scenic Highway 20 to Kettle Falls and then down the 395. This section of highway 20 was mostly forested, quite curvy and crossed two mountain passes. Chet prefers the smoothness of freeway travel and was nervous with all the curves. We stopped a lot to let Chet walk about.
Heading East for a few days after breakfast.

Monday, September 6, 2010

In Spokane. Today's journey had lot of variety. Will try and post tomorrow with details.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cache Creek

Not as much Fall color as I get further south. Temp warmed into the 60's from 40's and 50's. Has been rainy off and on and the cool temperature has been comfortable for driving and sleeping. No! I am not doing both at same time.

Saw a coyote and 2 deer today.

The road just gets better with each trip thru here. Some construction zones between Prince George and Cache Creek.................this highway will eventually be 4 lane or two with a lot of passing zones. Chet and I are not making any side trips this time, but do stop for rest and walks and enjoy seeing the country I am passing thru.

I have some extra time before I am scheduled to be in Portland and will head to Missoula for 2 -3 days. Probably cross into Washington tomorrow at Osoyoos.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vanderhoof, BC

Am at Dave's RV park near Vanderhoof, BC. This is my first internet connection for my laptop since I left Skagway. Did not have cell phone service either until about Smithers, BC. I see by reading my blog that I will need really short messages when sent from phone so the messages don't get split between postings.

The scenery once I left Skagway was a mosaic of color and texture. The yellows are so much brighter in the interior than in Juneau. The reds were just beginning to sprout along the roadsides.

Stayed at Rancheria Lodge and RV park 1st night out and at Bell II (on the Cassiar) last night. Have come 1000+ miles so far. The RV park at Bell II is expensive, but nice. Last time I came thru there was still snow a couple feet deep in the RV park and I backed up to a snowbank in the parking lot for the night. Met a nice couple from Florida. They are on their way home and have an RV like mine..........same color and year.

Have seen 3 bear on this journey. The black-colored bear are easy to spot against the green or yellow foliage and their fur seems shiny.

Tomorrow, I will go on beyond Prince George and toward the border somewhere in Washington most likely. Haven't decided on that route yet. Should cross the border by Monday evening. This is a fast trip for me as I usually take 10 days or so to travel thru BC.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Began the day with a walk to Rosie's Bakery for coffee and pumpkin cake. Got bread at the store and met a fellow Baja lover. On the road to Canadian customs. Will post again when I can. Winter Raven and Chet.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

' Yay!!!!! It worked.
It is a gray day. Water pewter-colored. Takes about 45 minutes from ferry dock to where we pass my home.
Saw half-dozen whales milling about just north of the Shrine. Left Juneau 3pm and will arrive Skagway 9:30pm with a stop in Haines. Tomorrow we head to Teslin. Cheers, winter raven and chet
Sept 1
Ferry to Skagway and beginning of my winter driveabout.
Am trying to set up blogging options via phone so this a short msg.
Cheers Winter Raven and Chet