Monday, February 27, 2012

Chet's weighins:

Aug 37.3 lbs Juneau
Oct 37 Juneau
Dec 36 Oregon
Feb 5 30.4 Loreto
Feb 16 30.6 Loreto
Feb 27 35 Loreto
Harleys! Harley riders were in Loreto over the weekend. A big BBQ and band event was planned at El Borracho. A large tour ship came to town. A pig roast fund-raiser and two separate art shows were some of the happenings. It was a busy weekend.

As usual, the Sunday Market was a success. The vegetables were the best I have seen there. Maybe because I was there early before they were picked over. Bought some broccoli, orange pepper, kiwis, zuchinni and calbasa chicas plus fish and chicken breast (pechuga). Cooked up the chicken last night for Chet and he ate his biggest meal yet since the beginning of February.

My brother and his amiga are off to Los Barriles for the week.

Yesterday was hot and still. Locals said it was unusual for this time of year. Today is more usual for Loreto winter. Morning in mid-60's with a breeze. Had clouds today.

Thursday there will be a "Gipsy" event in the town square with music, Flamenco dancers and buffet provided by local restaurants.

That's it for now. Will get back to my coffee and a book.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Santispac Beach. Drove up to Playa Santispac on Bahia de Concepcion to spend 3 days. It is about a 70 mile drive north of Loreto. Dry camped next to a little palapa and fastened a tarp to one side as a wind break. The afternoon wind there is quite strong, but mornings are calm. Rented a situpon kayak for yesterday and this morning. Paddled along the shore and into a little mangrove pool near the camping area yesterday and today I paddled around the nearest island.
Did a couple short swims. Water is cooler than it was in October and frio for locals and media frio for me. Met a woman from Canada who travels to Santispac every year and stays for months. It would be a nice place to stay longer than 3 days.

My brother drove up from Loreto and we went to Mulege for lunch yesterday.

Shazza is now back in the USofA in San Diego area.

I will not begin drive north until March 13.

Chet is eating well and is stronger. As of last week he had gained a couple ounces. I'll weigh him again soon and see if he is still gaining. His back legs are stronger. Until today, when we would walk and I stop and talk he would soon be sitting down, but today he stood for quite a while. What this all means, I do not know................he is nearly 15.

It rained in Loreto today. Also heard rumbling of thunder. Saw a large dust storm in a valley north of town today. The dust did not come over to the highway so visibility was fine. Today's rain was over in 15-20 minutes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yay! Chet did it! He walked to and into the water at the beach today. Went in up to his ankles and back out. Then, he walked all the way back to the RV park. He was tired and feet seemed to hurt, but he walked and I did not have to carry him. That is the longest walk he has made since we left Beverly Beach in Oregon in November.

I won't be going back north with Shazza afterall. Her schedule is different than mine. She begins her journey north tomorrow. Mine will begin mid-March with short trips to Bay of Concepcion and back to Loreto until time for me to leave.

I do not have to leave this RV park tomorrow afterall. There is a group of huge RV's coming tomorrow, but there is enough space for me to stay. This location, while not on the beach, is within walking or biking distance of most places I go within Loreto. If I want/need to venture further I can unhook my RV and just drive.

Bought some fresh shrimp today and had a feast here at the park. Cooked shrimp and vegies over mesquite on an outdoor grill that is here for us to use. Had freshly baked peach pie from Ette's Pie place for dessert.
Oh. I see I haven't log in for awhile. All is well. Still in Loreto at Rivera del Mar RV park in town. My FM3 has been renewed. Took about 3 weeks for the process. Shazza from Juneau is here and will be heading north soon looking for more remote locations. We will be driving back north together. My brother and his friend arrived.

Today is my last day in this park. Tomorrow Baja Winters comes thru with a large caravan and I need to leave for at least a couple days. I am ready to go back to one of the beaches at the Bay of Concepcion.

As I head north not sure where I have wifi. Will log in when possible.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

RAIN today. Loreto in a two year drought so the rain was quite welcome.

Got my renewed FM3 today. Rode my bicicleta and was pedaling along when suddenly my pedals wouldn't work. Finished my errands pushing my bike and using it as a big basket to carry stuff. My last errand took me near Manny's, the bicycle repair guy, and he fixed my bicycle in just a few minutes and for 20 pesos. Oh, he adjusted one of my brake cables too before I left. I tried to find Manny last year, but could not get on the correct street. Directions to Manny's were always like: go past the Super Mercado 3 or 4 blocks and turn left onto a little dirt street. Today, I was to turn left at Arturo's mini mart (which is really Davis y Rubio and not Arturo's anymore)onto a little dirt street and there was a large sign for Manny's. So simple now that I know where it is. :-) Manny's shop is filled with many many parts and he had a Cruiser bicycle (one speed with foot brake) made of aluminum for sale for $350 dollars. Could probably get most bikes repaired with parts on hand and not have to wait for freight. I say most because one of the bikers camped at the RV/camp park is from Germany as is his bicycle and he was waiting for a new rim to arrive from germany before he continued on his journey.

Had dinner with friends at Orlando's tonight.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 5 was Constitution Day and dates back to a revolution in 1917. The holiday is celebrated the first monday in February and banks and government offices are closed.

Today was an errand day for me. Took my van out to get agua, gasoline and propane. The guys at Pemex told me to say: tanque lleno to have my gas tank filled.

I bought one of the larger water bottles to have on hand and went by Chucos (a local hardware store) to buy a hand pump for my water bottle. Also bought a small pulley and two meters of small rope for another project.

After my errands, went to the town beach and had a picnic with Chet. Three sail boats on the water today. Only one was actually sailing. The other two were anchored. Chet's picnic was salchichas de pavo (2) and two buttered corn tortillas. Mine was tortillas, fake creamcheese, avocado and chicken. Took a short nap and then headed back to the RV park. Got RV hooked up and then took Chet for a walk.

Finished the day by doing my laundry, cooked some potatoes to mash and had dinner.

A lot of RVs came into this park today. I think all spots are filled and we are really packed in close together...........feels uncomfortable.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Market Day today. Walked Chet, grabbed my bicycle and headed out. First stop Orlando's for Hot Cakes integral with huevoes scrambled. The word for scrambled is hard for me to say, but I am working on it. Seems like I get closer to the pronunciation if I say a soft "w" for the "vue". That seems to make my tongue waggle sort of of like it should in the word: revueltoes.

Then, back on my bicicleta for a ride to the market. Today I purchased, broccoli, kiwis, bananas, apples, squash, and turkey franks (salchichas de pavo for Chet).

Chet has been eating well lately. I started weighing his food so I will know when he begins to eat more. He looks healthy with bright eyes and has begun to walk further. I am working on getting him to walk to the beach and that will be about 4 blocks one way. He has walked nearly there onto the sand on the other side of the Desert Inn hotel, but not down to the water's edge. That was probably 3 blocks one way. Some days his arthritis stiffens his legs and he has trouble walking.

This afternoon, I will join friends to watch the Super Bowl at various places about town.