Saturday, February 20, 2010

kayaking and weaving

Hmmmmm, guess I should check in as it has been awhile. Just enjoying being here. Borrowed a "sit on top" kayak from a friend and went kayaking out in front of Loreto Shores. I paddled down to the mouth of the estuary and back. Saw a lot of birds and one turtle.
Have been swimming often and weaving on a pair of Dance Leggings. The leggings are coming along just fine and probably about 1/3 done.

My brother headed back North so it is just me and dog, Chet again.

The fresh fish I am given is Wonderful. Have had both yellow tail and cabrilla.

Still reading the Outlander series and am 2/3 thru volume 4. These stories keep me up past midnight reading.......................such a good story it is hard to put down. And..........when I finish #4 I can look forward to reading 5 and 6. Thank you, thank you dear neice for introducing me to this series.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Organic Farming

While wandering about to see where roads go we came across two large Organic Farms. They seem to belong to the government. One had been destroyed by floods and was no longer operating. The second seems to be doing fine as two large trucks were pulled up beside a loading dock to get produce. The farm is surrounded by bright blue plastic sheeting that can be seen from the highway. I assume this is to protect whatever they are growing from contamination. The farm is north of Loreto..................probably about half-way to Mulege.