Sunday, May 2, 2010

whales, whales, whales.....eagles, eagles, eagles

Yesterday, went on an Audubon tour up to Bridget Cove in Berner's Bay. The herring were in and there was a lot of wildlife activity. Last week the Eulachon (called hooligan locally) were in the bay. We saw sea lions, humpback whales lunge feeding and 4 dozen or so eagles on the rocks and trees at Point Bridget. Were told that a lot of eagles is a "Congress" and a few are a "council". I think 4 dozen is probably a congress of eagles. I haven't been able to verify these group names with a Google search. Lunge feeding is exciting to watch as the whales erupt from the water, mouth open, and water and fish spilling out. I had seen them do that before right here in my harbor, but did not know it was called lunge feeding.

On the boat ride out there we stopped for several minutes and watched two whales sleeping. They seemed to be floating near the surface and every few minuties would breathe and blow. I had never seen that before. It was awesome! Was told one half of the whale brain sleeps and the other half reminds it to breathe.

On the boat ride back we stopped at one of the islands where there are often oyster-catchers and yes, we did get to see one sitting on a rock. Also, watched an eagle fly into a nest on same island. Eagles have lain eggs by this time and spend time sitting. Eggs hatch about June.