Sunday, January 30, 2011

It is election time and voting will be Feb 6. There are a lot of posters about town and along the highways. This weekend was the end of campaigning with speeches and loud music. Now, people have a quieter week to decide who will get their vote. Loreto seems to want a new Presidente (equivalent to mayor, I think) and may vote out current administration. We will find out next week who wins.

Today was Market Day and I stocked up on fresh vegies and some fruit. Also bought half a kilo shrimp.

It rained Friday.........just a few splats. Debora, manager of my hotel La Damiana, said it has not rained since June. They did not get the Fall rain this year.

One of the first questions when I arrived was "where is Chet?". He is with his doggie cousins in Nevada and doing quite well. I am the one with separation anxiety.

Am enjoying relaxing and reading and walking and visiting. Will look for a kayak adventure if the sea stays calm as it has been since yesterday. Had white caps and north wind earlier.

The finished Plaza is quite nice and smooth for walking and ..... inline skating and skate boarding. Am seeing several people, teens and adults, using inline skates this year both on the streets and in the plaza.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Arrived in Loreto, BCS today. Dropped off luggage, then to La Mision to watch the football playoffs with a group.

The town square has been finished since I was last here and it is beautiful. I see new restaurants too. Juan Ramoz's house was sold and is now a restaurant with tables in a beautiful garden. A new restaurant popped up on the corner by my hotel where there used to be a shop that sold sodas and beer and chips.

That's all for now. Am going to head to my room and unpack and read a book.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still in Sparks, NV and doing final preparations for flying to Loreto, Mexico on Sunday. Cleaning out RV and scheduled it for storage, getting Chet groomed in preparation for boarding with Aunt Sal and, of course, making the final run to the laundromat before filling my suitcase.

The last couple days warmed and set a record for this area. I think it was 66 degrees. Tomorrow should settle back to daytime temps in the 40's.

I'll be in Baja until mid-March. Will be connecting with friends and a group the first two weeks of March to go sightseeing and whale watching. The whale watching will be at San Ignacio where we will stay 3 days at an eco-tourism camp. Should be fun.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Drove thru the Red Rocks on CA highway 14 to highway 395. I had not been thru that way before and the rocks were pretty. The drive to Reno was uneventful and that was good. Came to snow alongside the road at about 6000 foot elevation. Road was clear of snow and ice. I love driving the 395 in the Eastern Sierras as it is scenic. Must have gone over at least 6 summits with elevations from 6000 ft to 8000+ ft. The higher elevations had large berms of snow roadside and there were snowmobile tracks in the meadows.

Overnighted at Bishop, CA and bought bread at the bakery there. If you have not been to the Bishop bakery I recommend you stop anytime you pass thru.

No wind in the Washoe Valley and that seemed unusual.

Just hanging out in Sparks, NV and preparing to fly down to Loreto, BCS end of January. Chet will stay here with my sister-in-law.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Side trip to coast near LA to visit family. Will resume drive to Nevada after the weekend.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Am on the road today heading for Sparks, NV. Today will go to Blythe, CA. Yesterday did a short hike/walk on a bike trail towards Elephant Head