Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beach Volleyball

The bikini-clad volleyball players I saw today on Los Angeles beach will give you an idea of the weather here. Nope. No pictures.
Head for Baja in four days from Chula Vista.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving and football

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Am in LA and will join my cousins and auntie for dinner and football today.

Ahhh, the warmth of the sun feels nice here and Chet and I have had some nice walks around the neighborhood. This part of LA was built in the 40's and is a pleasant quiet neighborhood. Close to LAX, but plane noise is not a problem (because I am deaf???). The streets are lined with old trees that push up the sidewalks built in 1948. do I know that? There is a contractor's name and date in the concrete at the corner. My cousin has lemon, grapefruit, oranges, rosemary among the many plants growing in her back yard. A neighbor down the street wants me to bring him an Alaskan wild iris the next time I pass thru.

1pm is kickoff for the Raiders/Dallas game in the new Dallas stadium. My nephew is a longtime Raider fan (since he was born, I think) and he and my niece and brother are attending the game in Dallas. I will watch from LA and root with them.

Looked under my RV yesterday and saw the exhaust pipe for my generator has come loose. I will drive to Irvine tomorrow and get that repaired.

Still on schedule for a December 4 departure from Chula Vista KOA for Baja.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Deer hooves

Sitting outside in Oxnard sunshine at niece's drilling deer hooves to use for finishing weaving projects.
Brother was here too and last night we made chicken tamales from scratch. Fun, time-consuming, but delicious. First time I had done that. There are wonderful Mexican supermarkets here. We are taking turns cooking. My grand-niece's boyfriend from Germany took a turn also with a delicious apple pie. Grand-niece will be making pizza.
Had my first experience with Wii and bowling in the living room. I was surprised how much it felt like real bowling. Fun!
Will head to LA Sunday or Monday and spend Thanksgiving there.
Niece will head to Dallas with hubby and my brother to see the Raiders play in Dallas' new stadium on TG day.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Morro Dunes RV Park

A 25 mile day. Left San Simeon and wandered at far as Morro Bay. Chet and I had a long walk on the mile long boardwalk at Cambria's shore on Moonstone Drive. I visited with other tourists and Chet got a lot of petting. We watched seals sleeping on the rugged rocks. *giggle* California seals do the same as Alaskan seals while resting on the rocks. As the tide comes in they bend into a "U" shape to keep from getting wet. Makes me giggle every time I see that. Waves sprayed over the rocks and surfers tried to ride in on them.

Checked into the Morro Dunes RV park in Morro Bay. It is a full service facility with wi-fi and cable tv and a reasonable price. of all I walk out the door of my little home and in 30 feet I am on the sand dunes with the sea a short distance beyond, depending on the tide. We walked the beach over to Morro Rock. What a huge magnificent rock jutting out of the sea. There is a pedestrian walk from The Rock along the shore of the bay and into town. From The Rock I can see busy marinas and oodles of shops along this walkway.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hearst Castle

Toured Hearst Castle today. Came thru last Spring and arrived 5 minutes after last tour of the day departed. Am glad I arranged a tour for today. The drive over to the coast from I-5 was easy. Passed thru cattle land with miles and miles of tan grassy rolling hills that looked uninhabitated. Once over the crest the hills were green with leafy trees and vineyards. Enjoyed the tour............I took the one recommended for 1st timers and watched a movie of Hearst's dream before tour time. Was glad I had seen the movie first.
Am settled into a Motel 6 for the night so I can have internet access. Price here not much higher than nearby state park with no services.
I love watching the rugged rocky coast here. Haven't seen any Elephant Seals yet. Are they here this time of year?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Central California

On the move....slowly heading to warmer nights. Came over Donner Pass in the Sierras Monday. Only snow I saw looked leftover or manmade on a short slope. Got my RV de-winterized so all "house" systems are functioning. Can now have running water again. Came down the I-5 corridor after spending the night in Loomas, CA near Auburn in a comfy treed park that was a KOA in a past life. Saw lots of fruit trees, cows and oil pumps.
Wednesday will head to San Simeon via hwy 41 from the 5.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Been hanging out here enjoying the warm days and tying up loose ends for my drive to Loreto. 70 during day and frost at night. Took my RV in for 30,000 mile maint to get it ready for my drive down Baja. Chevy garage here so going there. May use them as my RV garage as I seem to pass thru here often and we don't have a chevy place in Juneau now. Chet got groomed and his travelling papers from the vet for his trip across the border.
Sightseeing to Virginia City. Wandered the old streets, looked at antiques and had an ice cream cone. One of my places to get ice cream. Also, Skagway, Carcross and Penny's Place, YT.
Will be heading further south soon. Am thinking next stop will be Pahrump, NV.
Heading out for a drive to see Fall colors today.