Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh. See I haven't checked in here for awhile. Fall is settling in. The air smells and feels different. Trees and grasses are becoming golden. Fireweed is no longer blooming and going to seed. Outside seems a wee bit darker than it has been. Changes. I like the smell of the air this time of year. Now and in the Spring. Finally saw Momma Bear and her two cubs out at the Glacier near Steep Creek. No pictures for you to see, just those in my mind. Had a root canal at the dentist today. Was in chair 3.5 hours. *ugh* Came home and napped for 4 hours. Glad to have that dental work finished. Back to the bears....................not many salmon in the creek this year for them to eat. Seems that several of the Alaskan Salmon returns throughout the state are lower this year. Bears were eating "Ground cones" to fill in the calories. Had not heard of ground cones. Seems they grow under Alder up here and under different trees down south. They look like a pine cone laying on the ground. I know of Broomrape and have seen that here. Seems Ground Cones and Broomrape are related. Google "Ground cones" and you will see pictures.