Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Same view, same time 2 days later.

September Sunset in Tee Harbor

This was taken last night Sept. 26th.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Herbert Glacier Hike

Florence and I walked up to Herbert Glacier recently. The trail is easy and 4-5 miles one way. It was a brisk Fall day. Trees were beginning to color, a lot of mushrooms popping out and the forest had the pleasant odor of Fall. Florence and I poke around alot looking at what is growing and taking pictures. Well, Florence usually takes the pictues. The ones I've selected show a pretty pond with reflections, a look along part of the trail and both of us posing in from of Herbert Glacier. Florence took this with her timer and several tries later (with only an arm or a leg in the picture)she got success with this one.

The trail is in great shape. Several families rode up on their bicycles. It is a wonderful improvement from the old muddy, rutty, rooty, rocky trail of old.

Our first look at the glacier was awesome. We popped out of the woods to see a huge wall of ice riddled with blue-lined crevasses. I had expected a long pleasant walk in the woods and at the end of the trail to see a hanging glacier way off in the distance. Not so. That wall of ice was impressive and the Herbert River begins as a large river at the glacier's base. The day was overcast, termination dust on the peaks, and we assumed the cloudy day was the reason for such beautiful blue color in the ice. We picked a couple nice rocks to situpon and had our lunch in front of the glacier and strolled back to the car. Began just before 10am and back to car at 5:30pm. My feet were tired..............haven't done a long walk for awhile.

This will be a nice memory to take with me on my winter travels.