Monday, January 30, 2012

Spent today in camp. Did final check of my van's plumbing system and all went well. Sort of. Am trying a different method to empty my black and gray holding tanks. Sal helped and went to the hardware store and bought a quick release gizmo for me to use when I hook up the hose to empty the tanks. Later, she took my bicycle to Manny, the bicycle guy, bought a new chain. Old chain had 3 or 4 stuck links. She was going to install the chain here at camp, but Manny did it in about 5 minutes for just a few pesos. Bike rides along smoothly now. Thanks, Sal!

Sal came here on her motorcycle and is staying in town to nurse a sore neck before heading back North.

Nothing really special to report for the happenings of the past week. Eating out/visiting with friends. Spent some time on local beach with Chet to give him a different experience. Chet still eating well now that he has discovered Mesquite grilled chicken and french fries. Still hoping to put some weight back on him as he eats a little more.

It is sundown and Chet is sleeping beside me curled up in his blanket as I write. The evening air is cooler and I have put on sweatshirt and long pants to sit outside and write and check emails.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday, a couple friends and I drove up to San Javier Mission. What an improvement to the road. It is a 21 mile journey and 14 miles are paved and new bridges (puentes) built accross arroyos. Electricity was part of this project and San Javier no longer has to generate their own. The old electric meters and fuel barrel have become a museum piece with a placgue listing the names of government officials responsible for getting electircity to their community.

With 14 miles paved that leaves only 7 miles, right? It is a mighty long 7 miles of washboard with 10 mph max. Other than the washboard, the road is dirt and clear of any large boulders.

It was a beautiful day up there. As usual, it is worth the drive just to see the scenery as you go into the mountains and then to arrive at San Javier to see a beautiful oasis, and vegetable gardens and realize this little community has been self-sustaining for 400 years or so. During my last visit the mission was being renovated and that is now complete. The paintings and icons have been restored and it is beautiful.

A "must" on your visit to San Javier is to go see the 400+ year old olive tree. What a beauty of twisted limbs.

We had planned to dry camp on the mountain, but changed plans. Drove back down to Loreto, refueled and then drove the 60 miles to Playa Requeson on Bahia de Concepcion to dry camp for the night. It is a lovey white sand beach with clear light blue water (maybe robin's egg blue), a little island offshore. There are outhouses, garbage cans and a fee of 80 pesos a night. As with other beaches along this bay, venders come by to sell vegies, fish, water, rugs, jewelry....most people seem to stay about 10 days at a time, then come to town for hot showers, laundry and wifi.

I stayed at Playa Requeson Saturday night, then drove back to Loreto Sunday. My friends stayed over. They said they would come back today, but I will not be surprised if they stay longer.

The Sunday market was still open and had produce to sell when I arrived back in town about 1:30. The venders were yawning, had probably been up before dawn. I purchased aguacates (avocados), squash, roma tomatoes, radishes, grapefruit, apples, orange bell pepper, corn on cob, onions and garlic. The vendor and I laughed about the garlic being a "producto de China". Spent about 100 pesos.

Today, Monday, washed all my purchases in a vegie wash.

Now, back to my coffee and book

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I have settled in at Rivera del Mar RV park in Loreto. Days are lazy or busy depending on perspective. Emphasis on feeding Chet and getting him exercised. The past two days he has enjoyed eating chicken grilled on mesquite, a spoonful of peanut butter with his medicine and a bit of Lala yogurt.

Have begun the process to get my FM3 renewed. It expires February 14. All paperwork submitted and the people helping me will let me know when to come pay money and get fingerprinted at immigration

Weather comfortable here. I think nighttime temps are low 60's F. and daytime must be somewhere in 70's or low 80's.

Yesterday my van went to friend's garage to have a plumbing pipe reconnected. His garage has a pit so was able to have someone go underneath my van to make the repair. Guess it is like owning a boat.............always fixing something. Darn topes. Operator error. I try to slow enough when going over the bump, but sometimes get surprised and bottom out. And..............there goes my plumbing AGAIN. Today, I tested the repair and it works, water is going where it is supposed to be. Am now hooked up to sewer so I can use my toilet and hooked up to water so can use kitchen sink. It is a new experience for me. When I first got the van back in 2007, I hooked up like this, but since have been mostly running with van winterized because of my travels and use in cold places.

I picked up my bicycle today. Washed it, lubricated moving parts, checked brakes (they still work) and mounted a basket I was given for this trip. Am excited to have the bicycle back for some of my longer jaunts about town.

Wifi is good here so please keep those emails coming. I have skype too and have unlimited calling to US and Canada.

The "little green store" is just around the corner and up 2 blocks from here. It is a decent store and has skinless boneless chicken breasts that I like.

Chet snoozing. Birds singing. Flowers in bloom. Am sitting outside my RV updating this blog. Life is sweet.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Foodies, listen up! What a find today for "melt in your mouth" calimari. Found it at Ray's Place. Ray's used to be a restaurant at Santispac Beach on the Bay of Concepcion south of Mulege. From what I hear the place burned and was not rebuilt. Ray lives in the agricultural valley 2 miles upriver and west of Mulege proper. He grows his own organic vegies and all the vegies served tonight were grown in his garden. Well, all except the avocado. Ray does not have a menu. He cooks whatever he wants and posts it on a sign board. There are 5-6 choices for entrees. He opens at 5 for dinner (one seating).

The dinner for Shazza and me began with slices of goat cheese and a few chips, followed by a delicious crispy green salad with a good, but unrecognisable dressing. Then the tender calimari steak with steamed carrots and broccoli. We were given a sample of flan and I ordered some togo. Ray makes his own goat cheese and will sell it, but you have to give him a day notice. We each brought some calimari home to eat later.

Spent 2 nights a Santispac beach, then today drove to Loreto. Another couple from the BajaWinters caravan came to Loreto with me. The remainder of the caravan is on their way to Los Barriles.

Chet is doing well. He doesn't want to walk much as it is hard for him with his arthritis. Right now he is dozing outside the RV in the shade and looks comfortable.

Dinner tonight will be at Orlando's.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

At Guererro Negro, BCS at the Malarrimo Hotel/RV park 2 nights. Whale watching today. Saw lots of Gray whales...........mommas and babies close by. Close enough to see barnacles, but they did not venture up to the boat. Were told the mommas wait until their babies are older before allowing them to get near a boat. It was a fine day. Calm water. Am sitting outside my RV with Chet, but bundled up as a front moves in. Feels like it might rain.

Were given a verbal tour of the salt processing facility as we drove by on our way to board one of the whale watching boats. Guererro Negro is a town here because of the salt processing plant. The company was required to build a town along with their plant and now there is a community of 15,000 souls in the desert with no other towns nearby.

Tomorrow we drive to Santispac Beach just south of Mulege. This is a beach on the Bay of Concepcion and a most beautiful bay it is. Google it and see.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, the drive to here was spectacular. You have heard me before exclaim how I love to see the Boojum trees and the huge boulders. Our leader described one spot in the boulder country thus: "it looks like God swept the boulders into a pile and forgot to pick them up". It is a fitting description. There had been recent rain as all the plants were green. I have never seen a Boojum look so healthy all covered in tiny green leaves, as were the Elephant trees and the Ocotillo. Many of the Boojum were blooming with a yellow-orange sparay of blossoms. The spanish name of the Boojum tree means "tapered candle" and the Boojum with its yellow-orange spray on top makes it look like a tapered candle.

I don't expect wifi again until I reach Loreto 3 days from now.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Arrived Estero Beach RV park/resort today after drive thru Baja wine country on highway 3. Tomorrow we will dry camp on Pacific coast beach a few hours down the road.
All is well. Chet keepin' on. Don't expect any more wifi until guerrero negro and gray whale watching time.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Final errands at Chula Vista KOA. 17 rigs plus wagonmaster cross into Baja at Tecate tomorrow. If safety in numbers, we are covered. ;-)

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Brought in the New Year with card games at my niece's and the west coast delay for NYC Ball Drop at midnight.

Kayaking yesterday in Ventura Harbor. We rented sit-upon kayaks to paddle among the boats moored there.

Football today. Go Raiders!!

Had a taste of Good Luck black-eye peas at midnight and will finish the beans as a meal tonight along with cornbread.