Friday, March 26, 2010

Back in the US of A

Crossed the border at Otay-Mesa March 19. Drove on to Chula Vista KOA to spend the night and do laundry.

Next day to Los Angeles to spend time with cousins and auntie. One of my cousins is heading to Kathmandu and will be climbing Mt. Everest. The Discovery Channel did a special about climbing Everest and I would like to buy the DVD's of that show. Did get to watch a couple episodes. If interested in following news of an expedition go to the website and look for the expedition leaving March 29th, 2010.

Am now visiting in Oxnard.

Will head on "up the hill" Sunday or Monday via Sparks, NV and Bend, OR and Portland, OR

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Driving North to Otay Border Crossing

The drive north has been gorgeous. The desert is even greener than what I had mentioned before. The boojum have so many teeny tiny leaves you cannot see the trunk. And the boojum are a dark dark green...............perhaps you would call it a "forest green". Parts of the desert were carpeted with purple and yellow flowers. If I were to pull a crayola from my childhood box I would choose heliatrope and canary yellow for the carpet I saw.

Am now at Estero Beach just south of Ensenada and will cross the border tomorrow.

This will be my first experience going thru US customs at the Mexican border with the RV. The military checkpoints have been fine. They usually come in and look around, but don't tear things apart. We usually chat about my dog.............his name..........his age..........does he bite?.....things like that.

Am travelling with 3 other RVs and a leader. This will be our last night together and will have dinner at the hotel here. It is a beautiful hotel and park on an estuary.

Signing off for now

Santispac Beach....Another Blast from the Past

Another "Blast from the Past"........................Santispac Beach is just south of Mulege on the Bay of Concepcion and.........saturday night on Santispac Beach at the palapa restaurant there is filled with music and dancing reminiscent of THE TIDES in Juneau during the early 70's. Gringos come from beaches all around to be there on a Saturday night. What fun! We danced and danced and danced.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ladies Birthday Luncheon for March

42 ladies gathered at Celito Lindo for a buffet lunch today. There was a St. Patrick's Day theme, good food and trivia questions. The three of us with a March birthday cut and served the cake.

Wind blowing hard today and fishers keeping their boat at harbor.

Chet stood face into the wind on the beach and he looked like he was running fast with his ears and long hair blowing backwards.

Two friends just arrived from Los Barriles where they spent the winter. We came to Baja together and will go back together beginning 16 March. I leave tomorrow or Saturday for the Bay of Concepcion for a couple days of beach camping.

I may be offline until after crossing into the US. I will cross over March 19th and head for a campspot and go to Los Angeles on the 20th for my 1st stop visiting on the way North.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chet at Alaskan shore

Favorite image of my travelling companion, Chet. Pic was taken by a friend on hike north of Amalga Harbor, Alaska in 2006.
OMG! I slept to 9:30 this morning. Took my weaving over to the common room and joined other ladies doing projects. Some are painting on glassware. Some are doing copper sheeting designs and one is crocheting a bedspread.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Leggings and a Rainbow

Yesterday I saw a rainbow over the water and framing Carmen Island. Some of these magical moments are so fleeting there is no way I could go get my camera and capture the image. Guess you will have to live with my descriptions as I cannot see me walking around with my camera whereever I go.

Here is a picture of the Inspiration Point Leggings I am weaving. I find different spots to place my loom, depending on the wind or sun. This day I was sitting in a shady spot beside the pool.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

whale watching and snorkling

Went whale watching off Isle Carmen and Danzante here in the Sea of Cortez. Saw a fin whale and a large manta ray. Walked to top of Danzante and then swam in the cove there. Another tour the next day saw several blue whales.

Took a tour with friends around Coronado Island. Saw a lot of sea lions, then had lunch and snorkled. There were many colorful fish to see, some coral, a large sea cucumber, volcanic rocks and white sand. The tour company provides snorkles, fins and wet suits (shorties or long and thick or thin material). The water temperature this time of year is in 70's.

Watched the moon rise over Carmen last night. Looked out and there was a golden light above one of the peaks on the island. The clouds were horizontal streaks and bright red. It was Awesome! A few minutes later, the entire moon was visible above the island and the colorful magic of the moment gone.

Finished volume 4 of the Outlander series and my leggings are 2/3 completed. I do not have enough weaving yarn to finish the leggings while here in Baja, but a friend is mailing some yarn to me in Los Angeles.