Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow today. Mostly rain and cold wind here at 3000' during today. Temperature to drop into low 20's the next 3 days and high of 40.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum

I spent the day yesterday at the Sonora Desert Museum and Chet spent the day at doggie day care 1/4 mile down the road from my RV park. I had a grand day walking the desert trails and Chet had a fun time at day care.

The Sonora Desert Museum is more than just a museum. It is a zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden, all in one place. There are a couple miles of trails where you can see animals and plants. A highlight of the day was watching two free-flight shows with birds. We watched and learned about ravens, owls, falcons and hawks as they flew around overhead and landed near the trainers. Most of the birds that fly in the free-flight show are rescued and being with and fed by humans is the only life they have known. They are free to fly away, but don't.

Mammals that were awake and moving about were: deer, mountain lion, black bear, raccoon, ocelot, javelinas and a colony of prairie dogs. There were snakes, scorpions, spiders to see in replicas of their natural habitat. One of the learning displays explained how the fake boulders are made. There were covered netted areas to view a variety of birds and a separate area to view hummingbirds.

The museum provides sheltered areas with benches and drinking fountains along the trails that people can use to rest and get out of the sun. Sunscreen (spf 30) dispensers were in the restrooms.

A link for more information about the Sonora Desert Museum is:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Went to see a Museum of Miniatures today in Tucson. Fascinating to see the craftsmanship that created all these pieces. Chet stayed with my friends who live in NE Tucson at the foot of the Catalina mountains. We are overnighting as we may hike tomorrow (depending on weather) and it is 60 miles from my RV park.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice my friends! Watched the Total Lunar eclipse last night. Fascinating. Had been cloudy during the day, but cleared. Cloudy now.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunset last night and my weaving set up inside van. I can weave standing and peek around the edge to watch TV. :-)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The rain has come and gone and it is warming again. Temperatures are above normal for this time of year. Day temps average 65 or so and we are getting mid-70's. Night temps in the 40's and good for sleeping..................I don't need to use that super-warm sleeping bag anymore.

Since clouds have moved in there have been gorgeous sunsets with bright pink and orange highlighting the clouds and mountains.

Got out one of my weaving projects yesterday to work on while I am here. Am weaving a "Firebag" using Ravenstail techniques. The bag is woven with fuschia and black yarn. There will be a black Celtic knot design with a fuschia background. I have a piece of fuschia colored leather to use for the finishing.

Chet has many friends here. Both dogs and people. He gets treats regularly at the office. There are some dirt roads beside the RV park that wind thru the desert and Chet can be off leash there. His joints seem to feel better in this climate. He has begun to prance again on his desert walks. Go Chet! He will be 14 in May.

Friday, December 17, 2010

What a pleasant smell in the air this morning! It rained last night. First rain since I have been here. Am doing Sudoku, coffee, Chet napping.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

San Antonio Riverwalk photo

I posted a brief comment about the San Antonio Riverwalk November 1st, but no picture. Now that I am using my laptop rather than phone I can post photographs to my blog.

View of Superstition Mtns

I took a drive thru the Superstition Wilderness Area, but neglected to show the mountains to you. Here is a picture of the Superstition Mountains as seen from the State Park Campground.

Superstition Mtns

Spent some time in Apache Junction near the Superstition Mountains. Took a drive to see Canyon Lake, the State Park Campground and Tortilla Flat. Pictures of me at Canyon Lake, Winter Raven parked at Tortilla Flat and the Saloon at Tortilla Flat. What you see is about all there was at Tortilla Flat. Maybe 4 buildings in all. One of the buildings is a teeny tiny museum. There had been a landslide that closed the road beyond here so I was unable to drive the loop to Roosevelt lake and back to Apache Junction.

Saguaro National Park East

Did a couple hikes in the Saguaro National Park East.
Three of us are standing on the top of Pink Hill looking out over the Tucson basin.
Two Pictures of a "perfect" saguaro. It does not look broken, bent or filled with holes.

This was taken another day when a group of us hiked to the Limestone Kiln and falls. Here we are taking a lunch break on the limestone falls. Just water here today.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Teddy Bear Cholla forest near Mt. View RV Ranch where we are staying. This type of cholla is the predominent plant growing in this spot. It is a magical spot. The plants have a golden glow in the sunshine and they seem to be taller than usual here.
The "forest" continues for an half mile or so, but turned around here as Chet was getting hot.
Two border patrol jeeps passed us on our walk and a couple helicopters overhead.

This is a picture of the Ultra Van #504 on way to Florida. Cute, isn't it?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Florida friends stopped by in their 1969 ultra-van purchased in CA. Google it. It is a Cool van. Met them on ferry last Spring.
Have been sightseeing around the area. To Patagonia Lake and State Park and Patagonia today. Had an excellent pizza at the Velvet Elvis.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am at Amado, AZ. Settled in at Mt. View RV Ranch just north of Tubac (an artist's colony) and a few miles south of Green Valley. Had Thanksgiving Potluck here and will be here for at least a month before I head on back to Nevada and then fly to Loreto for Spring.

Went into Tucson yesterday and spent the day viewing pottery and demonstrations and a firing by some of the potters from Mata Ortiz, Mexico. I find their pottery beautiful in mostly white, black and red. Here is a link so you can see for yourself:

Some of the artic air has moved in down here. Got my zero degree sleeping bag out the other was down to 34 in my van. The days are comfortable, but need to bundle up for the wind. My little yard is covered with fallen leaves.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally connected with a solotrekker from WA at Catalina State Park, AZ and walked the Bird Trail loop this morning. Heading to Amado, AZ.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Drove into the Superstition mtns today to Tortilla Flat and along Canyon Lake. A beautiful drive. This is relaxing place to be so stayed.
Small world. A retired electrician from Golden, CO did all the wiring for my uncles bowling alley. Plus met Barb from Lena Loop, Juneau.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My friends hike on Mt. Lemmon trails in Summer to escape the heat. Am in Apache Junction now and will explore after dinner with ex-juneauite.
Drove up Mt. Lemmon monday for sightseeing and lunch at the Cookie Cabin. Began in valley at 2500' and went to 8000'+ Mt. Lemmon 9000'+

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still exploring Tucson. Went to see Titanic Artifacts Exhibit and walked across the Rattlesnake pedestrian bridge and dinner with friends.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Reid Park Zoo in Tucson is worth a visit. Small and nice environment for the animals. Saw an anteater.........had not seen one before. Afterwards we rode the little train thru the park and around a small lake that had migrating ducks. Tomorrow may head to Tubac and the art galleries there.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Am settled in Tucson for the next week. Caught up with AZ/Baja friend this afternoon. Zoo tomorrow and a week to explore and hike.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Van Horn, TX. Came via San Angelo and Abilene. One long day or two short driving days back to Tucson where I will stay put for awhile.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lunch at outdoor cafe on Riverwalk in San Antonio then saw the remains of the Alamo. Met friend for breakfast and others in evening. Fun day.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watched cotton harvest by machine. One machine picked and dumped into a hopper. Hopper dumped into a baler. Stubble cropped short.
Toured shops in Mesilla, old town, lunch at La Posta (old roadhouse), Billy The Kid convicted to hang. He escaped enroute, later shot.
Las Cruces, NM. My travelling companions had a tire incident that bent an axle. Here until at least Sat morn for repair. Sightseeing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful orange and pink sunset last night. Quails and doves every am here. Visited HS friend. On the road (I-10) toward Kerrville, Texas today.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saw my first Javelinas today. 3 adults and 2 teenagers came into a friends yard here in Tucson. Also birds and bunnies and a horned toad.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Staying in Catalina State park in Tucson vicinity. We are close to an urban area, but feels like wilderness here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drove across the London Bridge today and thru some spectacular rock formations, spikey mtns and pinnacles. Am in Quartzsite, AZ.

Monday, October 18, 2010

An AWESOME drive today from Beatty to Lake Mead. Many upturned striated colorful mtns, thunderheads, Joshua trees and canyonlands.
A tarantula marched past the RV's here in Beatty last. Was told they are migrating. Fascinating to watch as it walked and even jumped.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forgot to post my drive up Pyramid Hwy thru painted hills to beautiful blue Pyramid Lake last week. I love that drive.
The Vince Gill concert last night was great! Left this morning toward Tucson, AZ with Oregon friends. In Beatty, NV with lightning storm.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chet at Tunnel viewpoint when entering the park.

Bridal Veil Falls and me at Olmstead Point looking back into the park on the Tioga Pass road to Lee Vining.
My brother and Chet at Olmstead Point. Half Dome in the background.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Olmstead Point overlooking valley and Half Dome from Tioga Pass road.
At El Capitan in Yosemite heading toward the 395 via Lee Vining.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Left CA coast via hwy 33 over Pine Mtn summit (5166'), thru canyon country, oil fields (many), nut orchards, grapes and large dairies.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kayaking in Oxnard Harbor with my niece today.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cool and rainy in Oxnard, CA. Heat wave over. Visiting family.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

In ventura. Foggy. Ride over Sierras to Sonora. Road narrow, winding, scenic. Summit 9600+ feet. Hot in San Joaquin valley. Cool and comfy here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Went for an earlier walk at the marina today to beat the heat. Chet did fine, but he tires at about 1.5 miles these days. Definitely an elder these days.

Will most likely head down the 395 to Oxnard, Ca when we leave Saturday. No snow in the Sierras so we can take one of the scenic routes from the east toward Yosemite. I have been wanting to do that, but the eastern passses have always been closed when I pass thru here.

Taking advantage of the good dry weather to do "nesting" in my RV.......rearrange stuff and get rid of what not needed.

What do I do here? Pretty much what I do at home................hang out, do errands, visit friends, walk, read, watch TV.................

Got a lube/oil yesterday for the RV at my local chevy dealer (don't have one in Juneau).

Received word the Dorado are biting in Loreto. Still too hot and humid there for me. But after yesterday, maybe not as hot as Los Angeles.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Having a heat wave this week in Sparks. Will be in the 90's all week. Not unusual for a 90 degree day this time of year, but a week of them is.

Printed my Absentee ballot today so I can vote in Juneau's October 5th election.

Will go to California coast Saturday for a week, then back to Sparks. Am going with brother and Chet. RV will stay here.

Drove up to South Tahoe to see Betty yesterday. Lunch at Sprouts. The lake was gorgeous.........a beautiful blue.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Had a new life experience today. The ice cream truck came down my street playing its tune and I, for first time ever, bought ice cream from an ice cream truck. :-) Have never lived in a neighborhood with such things. Makes me think of my first grade reader and the adventures shown there. Not mine. I grew up in a rural area without all those streets and sidewalks and no ice cream trucks. Wouldn't trade my childhood rural adventures for any of that.

Cleaned my RV inside and out today. The people at the car wash place recognise me now when I come by in the Fall and Spring.

Dinner out tonight. We are going to PF Chang's.

Finished reading a John Straley book and ready to read about Kathhryn Hepburn in a book titled: KATE.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guess I am not posting regularly this trip. Boogied down the road to Sparks, NV and will stay here for a while. My brother and Chet and I walked around the lake at the Marina today. It is a fun place to walk. Used by a lot of people and their dogs. There is even a dog park so the dogs can play and swim. Watched the ducks, people fishing, and kayakers too. Nice and sunny and warm, but not much warmer than the Second Summer I hear about in Juneau.

Jupiter is big and bright in the sky.

Will be heading further south next via California and Arizona

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Near Medford, OR. Double rainbow yesterday. Rain heavy at times. Morning walk with Chet. Time for coffee.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hippos at Portland Zoo awakened and walked over and into pool! Lions, crocs and goat studied us. Bears, elephants, pigs and bobcat active too. Pink sunset.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bingen, WA Huckleberry Festival. Beautiful drive down Columbia River Gorge. Excellant food and fun sightseeing in Hood River with friend. Portland now.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hood River. Colorful kite boarding and wind sailing on Columbia River. Watched couple bi-planes flying about during the weekend fly-in.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wild turkeys back in the yard today. Pecking ground and sitting on fence. I was mistaken about the hens. The group is hens and younguns.
A large black bear crossing the barnyard this morning heading for an apple tree.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

17 hen turkeys in barnyard yesterday

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Missoula, Mt. Will head to Portland, OR Friday.
Monday, September 6
The drive from Cache Creek was more like what I usually do on my driveabouts. I searched for a road that would take me to Osoyoos along a route I had never travelled. The road over the mountain thru Ashcroft was my choice. Ashcroft village is a pretty little town that sits along the banks of the Thompson River. Across the river the road climbs steeply for 9-10 miles and has several runaway chutes for the downhill traffic. I drove thru high desert similar to what I have seen in the Oregon outback. On the other side of the mountain is a huge operational copper mine. There are tours available if you ever want to go there.

Followed rivers or streams thru desert, forest, horse country, ranches and agricultural lands . As I neared Osoyoos orchards and wineries were in abundance. The produce stands were filled with apples, pears, tomatoes, corn, and cherries. I was going to be crossing the US border in half and hour so did not stop to buy food that would possibly be confiscated. Will have to check next time to see what I can take into Washington. US Customs did want to know what brand of dog food I was carrying and if it was in the original container. Since I did not have any fresh produce they passed me thru without having to do an inspection.

Saw 2 deer. A doe and this year’s fawn eating beside the road.

Continued on to Spokane, WA via Scenic Highway 20 to Kettle Falls and then down the 395. This section of highway 20 was mostly forested, quite curvy and crossed two mountain passes. Chet prefers the smoothness of freeway travel and was nervous with all the curves. We stopped a lot to let Chet walk about.
Heading East for a few days after breakfast.

Monday, September 6, 2010

In Spokane. Today's journey had lot of variety. Will try and post tomorrow with details.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cache Creek

Not as much Fall color as I get further south. Temp warmed into the 60's from 40's and 50's. Has been rainy off and on and the cool temperature has been comfortable for driving and sleeping. No! I am not doing both at same time.

Saw a coyote and 2 deer today.

The road just gets better with each trip thru here. Some construction zones between Prince George and Cache Creek.................this highway will eventually be 4 lane or two with a lot of passing zones. Chet and I are not making any side trips this time, but do stop for rest and walks and enjoy seeing the country I am passing thru.

I have some extra time before I am scheduled to be in Portland and will head to Missoula for 2 -3 days. Probably cross into Washington tomorrow at Osoyoos.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vanderhoof, BC

Am at Dave's RV park near Vanderhoof, BC. This is my first internet connection for my laptop since I left Skagway. Did not have cell phone service either until about Smithers, BC. I see by reading my blog that I will need really short messages when sent from phone so the messages don't get split between postings.

The scenery once I left Skagway was a mosaic of color and texture. The yellows are so much brighter in the interior than in Juneau. The reds were just beginning to sprout along the roadsides.

Stayed at Rancheria Lodge and RV park 1st night out and at Bell II (on the Cassiar) last night. Have come 1000+ miles so far. The RV park at Bell II is expensive, but nice. Last time I came thru there was still snow a couple feet deep in the RV park and I backed up to a snowbank in the parking lot for the night. Met a nice couple from Florida. They are on their way home and have an RV like mine..........same color and year.

Have seen 3 bear on this journey. The black-colored bear are easy to spot against the green or yellow foliage and their fur seems shiny.

Tomorrow, I will go on beyond Prince George and toward the border somewhere in Washington most likely. Haven't decided on that route yet. Should cross the border by Monday evening. This is a fast trip for me as I usually take 10 days or so to travel thru BC.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Began the day with a walk to Rosie's Bakery for coffee and pumpkin cake. Got bread at the store and met a fellow Baja lover. On the road to Canadian customs. Will post again when I can. Winter Raven and Chet.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

' Yay!!!!! It worked.
It is a gray day. Water pewter-colored. Takes about 45 minutes from ferry dock to where we pass my home.
Saw half-dozen whales milling about just north of the Shrine. Left Juneau 3pm and will arrive Skagway 9:30pm with a stop in Haines. Tomorrow we head to Teslin. Cheers, winter raven and chet
Sept 1
Ferry to Skagway and beginning of my winter driveabout.
Am trying to set up blogging options via phone so this a short msg.
Cheers Winter Raven and Chet

Sunday, May 2, 2010

whales, whales, whales.....eagles, eagles, eagles

Yesterday, went on an Audubon tour up to Bridget Cove in Berner's Bay. The herring were in and there was a lot of wildlife activity. Last week the Eulachon (called hooligan locally) were in the bay. We saw sea lions, humpback whales lunge feeding and 4 dozen or so eagles on the rocks and trees at Point Bridget. Were told that a lot of eagles is a "Congress" and a few are a "council". I think 4 dozen is probably a congress of eagles. I haven't been able to verify these group names with a Google search. Lunge feeding is exciting to watch as the whales erupt from the water, mouth open, and water and fish spilling out. I had seen them do that before right here in my harbor, but did not know it was called lunge feeding.

On the boat ride out there we stopped for several minutes and watched two whales sleeping. They seemed to be floating near the surface and every few minuties would breathe and blow. I had never seen that before. It was awesome! Was told one half of the whale brain sleeps and the other half reminds it to breathe.

On the boat ride back we stopped at one of the islands where there are often oyster-catchers and yes, we did get to see one sitting on a rock. Also, watched an eagle fly into a nest on same island. Eagles have lain eggs by this time and spend time sitting. Eggs hatch about June.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Home again, home again..........

Arrived in Juneau 5:30 this morning. Slowly settling in at home after dinner with a friend. The ferry ride from Bellingham was restful. Met a couple from Florida on their way to Denali to work there for the summer.

I got to see Avatar! It was shown on the ferry during one of our open-water crossings. There was more ocean-motion than usual so reclining and watching a movie was a good thing to do at that time. And.............I had been wanting to see it. Made me want to bond with a "dragon" and go for a ride.

The snow is gone beside the highway and at my house. The ground is covered in dry leaves and broken branches are strewn about. A gentle raking will make it pretty and parklike again. I still see snow on the mountain tops and don't know if the sea level trails are clear back in the woods. My rhubarb is growing and has bright red stems about a foot tall. Should be ready to pick soon. Devil's Club has new shoots. Trees are beginning to show new leaves. I saw two deer today, a weasel humpity-humping across the road and an eagle perched 30 feet away at my neighbors.

Tomorrow, I go shopping to restock the fridge. My calendar is beginning to fill. Thursday, will meet with Ravenstail weavers and catch up on winter happenings. Saturday, will go on a tour sponsored by Audubon that will take us north into Berner's Bay. Hopefully, the herring will be in and we will see many whales, sea lions and rafts of birds.

Learned about a new website: This website has pictures of the tail flukes of many of the humpback whales that reside in Southeast Alaska. These whales have been studied and photographed for years. I think there are pictures of over 1900 whales on this site. The site has been established to help us learn more about the whales and also as a way for people to publish photos of whales not listed before. I think the site said there is a local population of humpback whales that numbers about 5000. Check it out, I think you will like it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland 3D

Went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D for second time tonight. First was in Oxnard and I enjoyed it even more second time around as I could was more special effects. Did duck my head a few times and Johnny Depp was Wonderful as the Mad Hatter.

Celebrating a late holiday season with son. Stockings are hung and we have presents around our pretend tree made from a poinsettia -print tote bag. Presents will be opened Friday.

Friend JG and I went to see the Santiam Quilters annual show in Gates, Oregon. Always amazes me how many new quilts are made each year around this tiny community. Must be hundreds on display.

Spring has arrived in Portland and the streets and sidewalks are strewn with pink petals. A lot of flowers are in bloom and the weather warm.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Back in the US of A

Crossed the border at Otay-Mesa March 19. Drove on to Chula Vista KOA to spend the night and do laundry.

Next day to Los Angeles to spend time with cousins and auntie. One of my cousins is heading to Kathmandu and will be climbing Mt. Everest. The Discovery Channel did a special about climbing Everest and I would like to buy the DVD's of that show. Did get to watch a couple episodes. If interested in following news of an expedition go to the website and look for the expedition leaving March 29th, 2010.

Am now visiting in Oxnard.

Will head on "up the hill" Sunday or Monday via Sparks, NV and Bend, OR and Portland, OR

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Driving North to Otay Border Crossing

The drive north has been gorgeous. The desert is even greener than what I had mentioned before. The boojum have so many teeny tiny leaves you cannot see the trunk. And the boojum are a dark dark green...............perhaps you would call it a "forest green". Parts of the desert were carpeted with purple and yellow flowers. If I were to pull a crayola from my childhood box I would choose heliatrope and canary yellow for the carpet I saw.

Am now at Estero Beach just south of Ensenada and will cross the border tomorrow.

This will be my first experience going thru US customs at the Mexican border with the RV. The military checkpoints have been fine. They usually come in and look around, but don't tear things apart. We usually chat about my dog.............his name..........his age..........does he bite?.....things like that.

Am travelling with 3 other RVs and a leader. This will be our last night together and will have dinner at the hotel here. It is a beautiful hotel and park on an estuary.

Signing off for now

Santispac Beach....Another Blast from the Past

Another "Blast from the Past"........................Santispac Beach is just south of Mulege on the Bay of Concepcion and.........saturday night on Santispac Beach at the palapa restaurant there is filled with music and dancing reminiscent of THE TIDES in Juneau during the early 70's. Gringos come from beaches all around to be there on a Saturday night. What fun! We danced and danced and danced.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ladies Birthday Luncheon for March

42 ladies gathered at Celito Lindo for a buffet lunch today. There was a St. Patrick's Day theme, good food and trivia questions. The three of us with a March birthday cut and served the cake.

Wind blowing hard today and fishers keeping their boat at harbor.

Chet stood face into the wind on the beach and he looked like he was running fast with his ears and long hair blowing backwards.

Two friends just arrived from Los Barriles where they spent the winter. We came to Baja together and will go back together beginning 16 March. I leave tomorrow or Saturday for the Bay of Concepcion for a couple days of beach camping.

I may be offline until after crossing into the US. I will cross over March 19th and head for a campspot and go to Los Angeles on the 20th for my 1st stop visiting on the way North.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chet at Alaskan shore

Favorite image of my travelling companion, Chet. Pic was taken by a friend on hike north of Amalga Harbor, Alaska in 2006.
OMG! I slept to 9:30 this morning. Took my weaving over to the common room and joined other ladies doing projects. Some are painting on glassware. Some are doing copper sheeting designs and one is crocheting a bedspread.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Leggings and a Rainbow

Yesterday I saw a rainbow over the water and framing Carmen Island. Some of these magical moments are so fleeting there is no way I could go get my camera and capture the image. Guess you will have to live with my descriptions as I cannot see me walking around with my camera whereever I go.

Here is a picture of the Inspiration Point Leggings I am weaving. I find different spots to place my loom, depending on the wind or sun. This day I was sitting in a shady spot beside the pool.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

whale watching and snorkling

Went whale watching off Isle Carmen and Danzante here in the Sea of Cortez. Saw a fin whale and a large manta ray. Walked to top of Danzante and then swam in the cove there. Another tour the next day saw several blue whales.

Took a tour with friends around Coronado Island. Saw a lot of sea lions, then had lunch and snorkled. There were many colorful fish to see, some coral, a large sea cucumber, volcanic rocks and white sand. The tour company provides snorkles, fins and wet suits (shorties or long and thick or thin material). The water temperature this time of year is in 70's.

Watched the moon rise over Carmen last night. Looked out and there was a golden light above one of the peaks on the island. The clouds were horizontal streaks and bright red. It was Awesome! A few minutes later, the entire moon was visible above the island and the colorful magic of the moment gone.

Finished volume 4 of the Outlander series and my leggings are 2/3 completed. I do not have enough weaving yarn to finish the leggings while here in Baja, but a friend is mailing some yarn to me in Los Angeles.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

kayaking and weaving

Hmmmmm, guess I should check in as it has been awhile. Just enjoying being here. Borrowed a "sit on top" kayak from a friend and went kayaking out in front of Loreto Shores. I paddled down to the mouth of the estuary and back. Saw a lot of birds and one turtle.
Have been swimming often and weaving on a pair of Dance Leggings. The leggings are coming along just fine and probably about 1/3 done.

My brother headed back North so it is just me and dog, Chet again.

The fresh fish I am given is Wonderful. Have had both yellow tail and cabrilla.

Still reading the Outlander series and am 2/3 thru volume 4. These stories keep me up past midnight reading.......................such a good story it is hard to put down. And..........when I finish #4 I can look forward to reading 5 and 6. Thank you, thank you dear neice for introducing me to this series.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Organic Farming

While wandering about to see where roads go we came across two large Organic Farms. They seem to belong to the government. One had been destroyed by floods and was no longer operating. The second seems to be doing fine as two large trucks were pulled up beside a loading dock to get produce. The farm is surrounded by bright blue plastic sheeting that can be seen from the highway. I assume this is to protect whatever they are growing from contamination. The farm is north of Loreto..................probably about half-way to Mulege.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another market day

I got to the market early enough to buy dates from my favorite date vendor. He usually sells out early and leaves. Didn't go to market last week as I still had plenty of fruit left from the week before. Didn't realize until I missed a week that market day is an important reminder for my personal calendar to know what day it is. Todays market was much larger than others. About the same amount of produce and meat vendors, but a lot more household furniture and clothes for sale. Don't know why. We think it might have something to do with the 3 day holiday. Or maybe since the end of the month it might be pay day. ????

The full moon rising over Isle Carmen have been gorgeous. No pictures for you tho. Just the ones in my mind showing the huge moon, island silouette and moon beams chasing across the water.

The pelicans are sooooo much fun to watch. Hundreds and hundreds at a time circling the marina and diving in large groups. A lot of boats coming in with catches of yellow tail.

Brother and I wandered in his jeep thru the countryside. Followed another riverbed today and played with a handheld GPS monitor setting way points along our path. The upturned ground along the river bed is filled with sea shells from an ancient sea bottom. Yesterday, we found a pretty waterfall.

My brother says the Birthday Fiesta thrown for him by friends in Loreto was muchas grande.

People are coming in to Loreto from the North now. Bridges are still washed out from the recent rains, but temporary detour roads are being built to get traffic through.

Tortuga people are in town for meetings, touring and saving turtles. There is a 3 day camping, kayak trip available to the islands to survey the sea turtle population. It is probably too late for you to go this year, but maybe you want to attend in the future and here is a copy of information about the trip:
You can be part of the sea turtle monitoring at Bahía Magdalena while also enjoying sand dune hikes and exquisite food.
RED SUSTAINABLE is offering a one of a kind trip on February 3-5 where you can take part in a project recognized around the world as a model for community based sea turtle conservation. Grab a pair of waders and boots and climb aboard the panga to help monitor green turtle populations with local fishermen. From your island base in our tent camp, you will collect data and release turtles - maybe you'll get to name one! In your down time, tour the dunes and mangrove canals by kayak to view migratory and local bird species, or visit with local fishermen to learn traditional fishing techniques. The trip cost is $650 dollars
For more information click on the link
www.redtravelmexico .com/Sea% 20Turtle% 20Monitoring% 20in%20Magdalena %20Bay.html

Have begun weaving a pair of leggings to complete the set of Regalia I have been making. This RV park has a nice "great room" where people can gather. I do my weaving there when it is too windy to weave outside (and most afternoons in the winter here are breezy).

On Thursdays, we can learn Line Dancing. We were taught 3 dances last session. Several of those attending have done line dancing before and are a delight to watch. My brain doesn't seem to remember what my feet are supposed to be doing.......................Oh well. With practice, I reckon I'll figure out how to move my feet. Same thing happens whenever I learn a new Tai Chi move.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Road Runners and Agua Verde

We drove to Agua Verde today. A 25 mile trip on a narrow dirt track off the main highway. The road takes you thru mountains and canyons to the beach and fishing camp at Aqua Verde. Although the road is much better than two years ago there are still narrow rough spots and washouts when descending the winding road to the beach. I could not take my RV down there. We went in my brother's jeep and that was fine. Some places could drive 20 mph and other spots could not go over 5 mph. Met two other groups who left their trucks at the turnoff beside the highway and went down on 4-wheelers.

Road Runners. Saw my first road runners today. We saw six in all. Two singles and two doubles. They really do look like the one in the cartoon.

Am still getting reports about road closures going north. Some people are getting thru on the riverbeds where the bridges have been washed out. And until the roads are fixed there may be gas shortages. Don't expect any problems for us in Loreto as supplies can still come in from the south and road should be repaired before we head north. Estimates are 4-5 days to make repairs after the water recedes.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More North wind

The surf was up in Loreto today. Had big waves and strong north wind. Word is coming in to Loreto about road closures going North from here. Sounds like best thing to do is just wait for water to subside and roads to be fixed.

Watched SuperBowl playoffs today. 'twas exciting having a close game that went in to overtime. So, with the Colts playing the Saints in the Super Bowl on Feb. 7 I will have to decide which team to root for. Am leaning toward the Saints.

I will be heading North from Loreto March 16.

Was told today that pelicans dive from their left shoulder. Watched some and that seems to be what they do. Will have to study more. At least 30 pelicans were diving together today. Diving, then rising a bit off the water and all doing it again together........over and over. Question: Where do pelicans go after dark? They are not sitting on the boats in the marina.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

comings and goings

My friends from Juneau have come and gone. We were able to take them around to see many sites within a couple hours drive. South to Puerto Escondido and Ensenada Blanca and Nopolo. North to Bay of Concepcion with lunch at Bertha's on Burro Beach, Mulege and La Picazon and a drive on a river bed. West into the mountains to San Javier Mission and Cave paintings. Many thanks to my brother for being such a good tour guide with his jeep.

Baja Winters Caravan with 17 rigs have come and gone. The Caravaners had quite an adventure getting into and out of this RV park. Many will find it just part of the Mexican Baja Adventure and will have stories to tell when they return home. Turns out the new street across the river was still not open when they arrived and it was difficult to cross the river at the point where they found the road closed. They all left Sunday. The road opened Monday. The topes on the new street have been placed across the pavement at a diagonal that makes cars shift more from side to side as they cross the tope. To cross and minimize the tilting we cross perpendicular to the line of the tope and that seems to work best.

Monday, January 11, 2010

hermano arrived

Yay! My brother arrived in town last night. He drove from the border crossing to Loreto in one long day............about 15 -16 hours.

Tomorrow we will take my Juneau friends north to the Bay of Concepcion and Mulege stopping for lunch at Burro or Santispac Beaches. Should be fun and very scenic. The Bay of Concepcion is gorgeous and the beaches are beautiful and sandy. Mulege is a fun town to visit with its old buildings and narrow winding streets that remind me of cow paths.

Stopped by Augie's for free Monday night tacos tonight for dinner.

Am ready to relax and read my book. I am reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and it is quite fascinating. A historical romantic novel with time travel. A woman from current day 1945 steps thru a cleft in a rock and finds herself in Scotland in 1743 and has a life there. The books are huge...............800 -1000 pages, but a fast read. I am reading #3 "The Voyager" now and am headed to relax and read some more.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Baked Clams

Ahhhhhhh. Delicious!! Free baked clams with butter and garlic served on Wednesdays at Augie's. Augie's is a local gringo hangout and sports bar. Definitely to place to be for superbowl playoffs and the Superbowl if you don't have your own tv. Augie's has free appetizers at 5pm Monday thru Friday. One night is tacos, another pizza, clams, ceviche and I don't remember the 5th item. Very crowded, loud buzz and roar of conversations and warm with all the bodies. But, well worth it to enjoy those clams.

Tomorrow, my friends from Juneau arrive. Well, hopefully they will arrive. They fly standby and may or may not get on tomorrow's flight. Alaska Airlines flys into Loreto Sunday, Tues, Thursday and Friday. The plane gets here from LA at 2:05pm mst and departs for LA at 2:50pm.

Oh, my feet are tired. Walked into town twice today and another long walk here in Colonia Zaragosa, the village on south side of the dry river.

Chet and I sat on the beach for awhile to night looking at the stars. It is a calm evening. Orion is on his side out over the sea.

Time to put my feet up and read my book.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dance apron

Rode my bicycle to town today to do errands and visit. Left Chet in the RV where he was comfortable in his nest. I keep the fan on in the RV so air circulates and it may get to 80-85 and Chet is comfortable at those temperatures. Surprised me as he is an Alaskan dog, but he seems to feel better down here and moves more easily with his arthritic joints than he has for months.

Finished my dance apron Sunday night. Stayed up until 1:30 am doing hand sewing to tie up loose ends from the weaving. Muchas gracias to my cousin M for all her help with the machine sewing needed to attach the backing. This apron is a companion piece for my Inspiration Point Robe and is guessed it! Inspiration Point Apron. The black thingies hanging from the bottom are deer hooves. This apron has a delightful sound when it is moved and hopefully my friend DG will be wearing it at Celebration 2010 in June in Juneau.

This picture was taken from my beach on the first day of the new year. I missed taking a picture of December's Blue Moon the night before.

Juneau friends L/H are arriving Thursday. It will be fun seeing them and showing them around. A fun day trip from here is San Javier mission located several miles up in the Sierra de la Gigante with stops for waterfalls and cave paintings along the way. Another possible outing would be to go to Magdelena Bay to see whales with their babies, but as of today it is still too early. Whales are still north of here and can be seen now in Guerrero Negro. Perhaps before L/H leave there will be whales in Magdelena Bay