Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another market day

I got to the market early enough to buy dates from my favorite date vendor. He usually sells out early and leaves. Didn't go to market last week as I still had plenty of fruit left from the week before. Didn't realize until I missed a week that market day is an important reminder for my personal calendar to know what day it is. Todays market was much larger than others. About the same amount of produce and meat vendors, but a lot more household furniture and clothes for sale. Don't know why. We think it might have something to do with the 3 day holiday. Or maybe since the end of the month it might be pay day. ????

The full moon rising over Isle Carmen have been gorgeous. No pictures for you tho. Just the ones in my mind showing the huge moon, island silouette and moon beams chasing across the water.

The pelicans are sooooo much fun to watch. Hundreds and hundreds at a time circling the marina and diving in large groups. A lot of boats coming in with catches of yellow tail.

Brother and I wandered in his jeep thru the countryside. Followed another riverbed today and played with a handheld GPS monitor setting way points along our path. The upturned ground along the river bed is filled with sea shells from an ancient sea bottom. Yesterday, we found a pretty waterfall.

My brother says the Birthday Fiesta thrown for him by friends in Loreto was muchas grande.

People are coming in to Loreto from the North now. Bridges are still washed out from the recent rains, but temporary detour roads are being built to get traffic through.

Tortuga people are in town for meetings, touring and saving turtles. There is a 3 day camping, kayak trip available to the islands to survey the sea turtle population. It is probably too late for you to go this year, but maybe you want to attend in the future and here is a copy of information about the trip:
You can be part of the sea turtle monitoring at Bahía Magdalena while also enjoying sand dune hikes and exquisite food.
RED SUSTAINABLE is offering a one of a kind trip on February 3-5 where you can take part in a project recognized around the world as a model for community based sea turtle conservation. Grab a pair of waders and boots and climb aboard the panga to help monitor green turtle populations with local fishermen. From your island base in our tent camp, you will collect data and release turtles - maybe you'll get to name one! In your down time, tour the dunes and mangrove canals by kayak to view migratory and local bird species, or visit with local fishermen to learn traditional fishing techniques. The trip cost is $650 dollars
For more information click on the link
www.redtravelmexico .com/Sea% 20Turtle% 20Monitoring% 20in%20Magdalena %20Bay.html

Have begun weaving a pair of leggings to complete the set of Regalia I have been making. This RV park has a nice "great room" where people can gather. I do my weaving there when it is too windy to weave outside (and most afternoons in the winter here are breezy).

On Thursdays, we can learn Line Dancing. We were taught 3 dances last session. Several of those attending have done line dancing before and are a delight to watch. My brain doesn't seem to remember what my feet are supposed to be doing.......................Oh well. With practice, I reckon I'll figure out how to move my feet. Same thing happens whenever I learn a new Tai Chi move.

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