Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dance apron

Rode my bicycle to town today to do errands and visit. Left Chet in the RV where he was comfortable in his nest. I keep the fan on in the RV so air circulates and it may get to 80-85 and Chet is comfortable at those temperatures. Surprised me as he is an Alaskan dog, but he seems to feel better down here and moves more easily with his arthritic joints than he has for months.

Finished my dance apron Sunday night. Stayed up until 1:30 am doing hand sewing to tie up loose ends from the weaving. Muchas gracias to my cousin M for all her help with the machine sewing needed to attach the backing. This apron is a companion piece for my Inspiration Point Robe and is named:...............you guessed it! Inspiration Point Apron. The black thingies hanging from the bottom are deer hooves. This apron has a delightful sound when it is moved and hopefully my friend DG will be wearing it at Celebration 2010 in June in Juneau.

This picture was taken from my beach on the first day of the new year. I missed taking a picture of December's Blue Moon the night before.

Juneau friends L/H are arriving Thursday. It will be fun seeing them and showing them around. A fun day trip from here is San Javier mission located several miles up in the Sierra de la Gigante with stops for waterfalls and cave paintings along the way. Another possible outing would be to go to Magdelena Bay to see whales with their babies, but as of today it is still too early. Whales are still north of here and can be seen now in Guerrero Negro. Perhaps before L/H leave there will be whales in Magdelena Bay

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