Monday, January 11, 2010

hermano arrived

Yay! My brother arrived in town last night. He drove from the border crossing to Loreto in one long day............about 15 -16 hours.

Tomorrow we will take my Juneau friends north to the Bay of Concepcion and Mulege stopping for lunch at Burro or Santispac Beaches. Should be fun and very scenic. The Bay of Concepcion is gorgeous and the beaches are beautiful and sandy. Mulege is a fun town to visit with its old buildings and narrow winding streets that remind me of cow paths.

Stopped by Augie's for free Monday night tacos tonight for dinner.

Am ready to relax and read my book. I am reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and it is quite fascinating. A historical romantic novel with time travel. A woman from current day 1945 steps thru a cleft in a rock and finds herself in Scotland in 1743 and has a life there. The books are huge...............800 -1000 pages, but a fast read. I am reading #3 "The Voyager" now and am headed to relax and read some more.

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  1. Prior to becoming ill, these were my FAVORITE books! I absolutely loved them! I can't tell you how many friends I have told them about this author. And, Mulege, THAT is the town where Joe and I fell in love! You'll have to share some of the photos with us.