Monday, January 25, 2010

Road Runners and Agua Verde

We drove to Agua Verde today. A 25 mile trip on a narrow dirt track off the main highway. The road takes you thru mountains and canyons to the beach and fishing camp at Aqua Verde. Although the road is much better than two years ago there are still narrow rough spots and washouts when descending the winding road to the beach. I could not take my RV down there. We went in my brother's jeep and that was fine. Some places could drive 20 mph and other spots could not go over 5 mph. Met two other groups who left their trucks at the turnoff beside the highway and went down on 4-wheelers.

Road Runners. Saw my first road runners today. We saw six in all. Two singles and two doubles. They really do look like the one in the cartoon.

Am still getting reports about road closures going north. Some people are getting thru on the riverbeds where the bridges have been washed out. And until the roads are fixed there may be gas shortages. Don't expect any problems for us in Loreto as supplies can still come in from the south and road should be repaired before we head north. Estimates are 4-5 days to make repairs after the water recedes.

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