Sunday, January 24, 2010

More North wind

The surf was up in Loreto today. Had big waves and strong north wind. Word is coming in to Loreto about road closures going North from here. Sounds like best thing to do is just wait for water to subside and roads to be fixed.

Watched SuperBowl playoffs today. 'twas exciting having a close game that went in to overtime. So, with the Colts playing the Saints in the Super Bowl on Feb. 7 I will have to decide which team to root for. Am leaning toward the Saints.

I will be heading North from Loreto March 16.

Was told today that pelicans dive from their left shoulder. Watched some and that seems to be what they do. Will have to study more. At least 30 pelicans were diving together today. Diving, then rising a bit off the water and all doing it again together........over and over. Question: Where do pelicans go after dark? They are not sitting on the boats in the marina.

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