Wednesday, January 20, 2010

comings and goings

My friends from Juneau have come and gone. We were able to take them around to see many sites within a couple hours drive. South to Puerto Escondido and Ensenada Blanca and Nopolo. North to Bay of Concepcion with lunch at Bertha's on Burro Beach, Mulege and La Picazon and a drive on a river bed. West into the mountains to San Javier Mission and Cave paintings. Many thanks to my brother for being such a good tour guide with his jeep.

Baja Winters Caravan with 17 rigs have come and gone. The Caravaners had quite an adventure getting into and out of this RV park. Many will find it just part of the Mexican Baja Adventure and will have stories to tell when they return home. Turns out the new street across the river was still not open when they arrived and it was difficult to cross the river at the point where they found the road closed. They all left Sunday. The road opened Monday. The topes on the new street have been placed across the pavement at a diagonal that makes cars shift more from side to side as they cross the tope. To cross and minimize the tilting we cross perpendicular to the line of the tope and that seems to work best.

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